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Hybrid Planning Poker Server EOL - March 31st, 2022

Who is impacted by this announcement?

  • All customers using Planning Poker version 1.1.7-SNAPSHOT or lower

  • You should see a banner while using Planning Poker in your Jira Server / DC instance asking for the upgrade

A “hybrid” version of Planning Poker for Jira Server / DC that connected to cloud services of Planning Poker app will be decommissioned on Mar 31, 2022. Please follow instructions provided below to migrate to the “on-premise” version of Planning Poker for Jira Server.

In case if you do not migrate by Mar 31, 2022 Planning Poker will stop working afterwards - error pages will be returned.


  1. In your Jira Server / DC instance:

    1. Navigate to Jira administration → Manage apps

    2. Load Manage apps screen

    3. Look up for Planning Poker for JIRA app - an app update should be available

    4. Hit Update button

    5. Note: a valid Jira Server/DC license is required to update the apps

    6. Wait for the app to be updated

  2. Open Planning Poker app:

    1. Using Planning Poker link either from the Jira’s top navigation menu or from project’s left navigation panel

    2. Note: your existing Planning Poker’s games may be unavailable at this moment. No panic, they will be brought back in the next steps!

    3. Locate Migrate button - either on Planning Poker’s welcome screen or on the games list (dashboard) page:

    4. Hit Migrate button and wait for the migration process to complete

  3. You are done. At this stage Planning Poker stores all games and estimation information inside your Jira Server / DC instance, and doesn’t connect to the external services.


The initial version of Planning Poker app was created for Jira Cloud. As it was getting more popular we got requests to make it available for Jira Server / DC. There is not much in common between Jira Server / DC and Cloud, so making app available for another deployment type would mean re-writing it from the scratch.

And that’s when the “hybrid” version of Planning Poker for Jira Server / DC was released. That app connected to cloud services of Planning Poker as the storage and processing engine. The user interacted with Cloud version of the app injected into Jira Server / DC through iframe.

Some time later an “on-premise” version of Planning Poker was released that didn’t rely on external services and stored all data inside Jira Server / DC database.

A migration mechanism was added so customers could easily switch to “on-premise” version and keep using Planning Poker.

As we keep adding more features to Planning Poker for Cloud and Server / DC, we can’t longer maintain a compatibility between “hybrid” and Cloud version. That dependency significantly slows us down and increases chances of introducing bugs in both versions of the software.

We have recently migrated Planning Poker for Jira Cloud from Digital Ocean provider to GCP (Google Cloud Platform) - see List of changes in Data Security and Privacy Statement: v1 to v2. And we are going to shut down the “hybrid” version of the app on Mar 31, 2022 that will unblock decommissioning of service in Digital Ocean and will also reduce our operational costs.

  1. Check your Jira Server / DC version

  2. If it’s 8.1.0 or below - consider upgrade to any of the currently supported version of Jira: Atlassian Support End of Life Policy

  3. If upgrade is not possible at the moment but your Jira is on version 7.6 or above - contact us through Get Add-Ons help - Lizard Brain Add-Ons Support, and we’ll do our best to help you (please remember: it’s not an officially supported version of Jira!)

  4. Unfortunately, we will not be able to help if you Jira Server / DC version is lower than 7.6. You must upgrade to the newer version first

Two options are possible:

  1. (recommended) Re-new a Jira Server license and update Planning Poker. This requires you updating to Jira version supported by Atlassian, according to Atlassian Support End of Life Policy

  2. (try at your own risk) Follow steps from Plugin Install after License expired (atlassian.com) to update Planning Poker using a temporary Jira license.