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Planning Poker - Server to Cloud migration

Here is what you need to know about migrating your Jira Server or Jira Data Center (DC) instance with Planning Poker to Jira Cloud.

1. Server to Cloud migration

Planning Poker app will appear in Jira Cloud Migration Assistant to allow a smooth transition from Server to Cloud.

Most Planning Poker data is migrated one-to-one, including general configuration.

1.1. Not migrated

Personal Asynchronous estimates on each issue will not be migrated. Finish your Asynchronous estimations in progress before the migration as their state won’t be transferred.

1.2. Special cases handling

  • Planning Poker games are not linked to a specific Jira Project and might contain issues from multiple projects. It is possible that some projects and related issues are not migrated. In the case of having non-migrated issues in the migrated games, such issues will be blank and will display only issue IDs. Such issues can be removed from games by using the Edit Backlog screen.

  • In case if Project is not migrated then corresponding custom fields from this Project will also not be migrated. If you have such custom fields configured as the Estimation field for the game you will need to select a new one after the migration. The same applies if the configured Estimation field was Original Story Points which is not available in Jira Cloud.

1.3. Migration troubleshooting

We highly recommend enabling logging for Planning Poker. In order to do that you need to add lizardbrain.planning_poker.migration with info level at Jira Server’s logging and profiling page (more info).

The following log entries will appear during each migration process:

2022-04-21 ... INFO ServiceRunner [l.planning_poker.migration.CloudMigrationHandler] MIGRATION STARTED... 2022-04-21 ... INFO ServiceRunner [l.p.migration.provider.MigrationDtoProvider] Preparing MigrationDto... 2022-04-21 ... INFO ServiceRunner [l.p.migration.provider.MigrationDtoProvider] MigrationDto: MigrationDto(...) 2022-04-21 ... INFO ServiceRunner [l.planning_poker.migration.CloudMigrationHandler] Writing app data on the cloud ... 2022-04-21 ... INFO ServiceRunner [l.planning_poker.migration.CloudMigrationHandler] App data is written. 2022-04-21 ... INFO ServiceRunner [l.planning_poker.migration.CloudMigrationHandler] MIGRATION DTO CREATED

We have put a limit on the maximum size of the Planning Poker data migration bundle. In case if that limit is exceeded you’ll see a corresponding message in the migration log. Please contact our Support team to get help then. We anticipate no customers will run into this limit but we have protected our systems from the unexpectedly large data sets.

1.4. Repeating the migration

Already migrated sessions will be skipped from further migrations unless they are removed from the Cloud instance, in this case, they will be migrated again.

2. Functionality missing from Planning Poker Cloud

As a user of Jira Server, you could have accustomed to some functionalities and may be concerned with what is missing. Here are the features that are currently unavailable in Cloud version of Planning Poker:

  • Restricting games for the specific user groups

We are here to help

In case you need any guidance or help during your migration process, please do not hesitate to contact us – we'll be glad to help!
We'd also love to listen to your organization's specific needs, so we can adjust product development plans.