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Deploying Planning Poker locally via Docker

This article assumes that you have the following:

  • Basic knowledge of using Docker
  • docker-compose installed on your system
  1. Login in Docker against Planning Poker Docker Registry and enter your credentials

    docker login docker.lizzybrain.com
  2. Copy the following file and name it docker-compose.yml
    Feel free to change the ports mapping if needed

    version: "3"
            container_name: mongo
            image: mongo:3.6.9
            volumes: ["./_app_data:/data/db"]
            ports: [""]
            restart: always
            container_name: jpp
            image: docker.lizzybrain.com/jpp:v2
            restart: always
            ports: ["3005:3005"]
            links: [mongo]
            depends_on: [mongo]
  3. Run docker-compose (optionally pass -d flag to run it as service)

    docker-compose up -d
  4. Make sure it works by opening your machine URL/IP in the browser, e.g.:
    - localhost will be your server IP
    - 3005 will be your server port (leave empty if 80)
    - /atlassian-connect.json is a path to validate the deployment

    If installed successfully, you'll see a JSON response.

  5. Navigate to Planning Poker Configuration page in Manage Apps section of your Jira

  6. Enter the URL or IP of the machine where you run the App

  7. Enjoy!