Deploying Agile Retrospectives locally via Docker

This article assumes that you pass the following requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of using Docker
  • docker-compose installed on your system
  1. Login in Docker against Agile Retrospectives Docker Registry

    docker login
  2. Copy the following file and name it docker-compose.yml
    Feel free to change the port mapping if needed

    version: "3"
            container_name: mongo
            image: mongo:3.6.9
            volumes: ["./_app_data:/data/db"]
            ports: [""]
            restart: always
            container_name: jr
            restart: always
            ports: ["3005:3005"]
            links: [mongo]
            depends_on: [mongo]
  3. Run docker-compose (pass -d flag to run it as service)

    docker-compose up -d
  4. Make sure it works by opening your machine URL/IP in the browser, e.g.:
    - localhost will be your server IP
    - 3005 will be your server port (leave empty if 80)
    - /atlassian-connect.json is a path to validate the deployment
    If installed successfully, you'll see a JSON response.

  5. Navigate to Agile Retrospectives Configuration page in Manage Apps section of your Jira

  6. Enter the URL or IP of the machine where you run the App