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Quick Start

After installation

Once installed, the Planning Poker will add a new menu item in the following locations:

  • Jira home
  • Project sidebar
Jira home

Project sidebar

Starting a game

There are two ways to start a game — from Planning Poker dashboard or from Jira Backlog View.

Starting a game from Planning Poker dashboard

Configuring a game

It is totally okay to start a game without any configuration (you don't even have to name it), but it would be better to make sure that some basic settings are in place. Here's an overview of the basic configuration.

Basic game configuration

  • Game name is displayed in the dashboard to make it distinguishable, e.g. "Sprint 14 — team Alpha"
  • Game description is for participants as a reminder of the scope
  • Export estimates to — which field should be used to save estimates after each round
  • Deck type — can be anything from Story Points, T-Shirts and time to your custom values

Next step is to define the scope of estimation session. You can do this by defining a JQL search (or you could simply reuse your existing Jira filter, which is our recommended way).

Editing game backlog

After this step your game is ready and will appear in the dashboard list. You can now tell others to join this game. Once everyone's in, you can start the session by clicking on the "Estimate" button of the story you'd like to start with.

Playing a game

Game flow consists of the following phases:

  • Backlog phase
  • Estimation phase
  • Discussion phase

Backlog phase is where game administrator starts the game. Once a story is selected, Estimation phase is triggered where each player is casting their cards. When all players have cast their votes, the cards are flipped and the discussion phase comes becomes active — this is where the Scrum master has to analyse results and make sure that everyone agrees on the same estimation value. Discussion phase is finished when Scrum master saves the estimation value. After that the game either goes back to Backlog phase or straight to Estimation phase (if round auto-start is enabled).

Backlog phase

Estimation phase

Discussion phase