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Reference Guide

It's niether Jira nor Agile tutorial

This Guide assumes, that you're aware enough of core Jira features and functionality. Therefore this Guide will not cover any aspects of this topic. If you're feeling that you're missing something on Jira, you probably should begin from the start, i.e. Jira features description and native Jira onboarding.

This Guide assumes, that you're introduced to Agile, Scrum and Planing Poker estimation concept, therefore it won't cover any of these topics.

If you've installed Planning Poker ® app via Marketplace, you might have followed quick start guide of Planning Poker 101, which has instructed you how to start your very first game in the most condensed manner.

In this Reference Guide, however, we'll provide you with a detailed breakdown on every possible Planning Poker feature, in order to make you an absolute whiz and maximise your efficiency and confidence while using this great app.

In this Guide:

More detailed breakdown:

Game start and configuration
Game details
Edit backlog