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Mobile version

Mobile version

Planning Poker is also available as a PWA for your mobile device.

Once you've installed the Planning Poker in Jira you can pair it with your mobile device. To do so, you have to press "Mobile version" in your Planning Poker app dashboard in Jira.

When this button is clicked, the modal window will appear, providing you with a unique generated personal code.

During the first launch of the Planning Poker app on your mobile device, you will be prompted to enter your personal code you received earlier.

Once you've entered your personal code on your mobile device, your Planning Poker mobile app and Planning Poker Jira app are paired, and you are good to go.

User-based pairing to the whole Planning Poker Jira app

When pairing with a mobile device, take note that you're pairing not to a particular game but to the whole Planning Poker Jira app. That means that you'll be able to view and to participate in all the games in  Planning Poker Jira app.

The pairing code is unique and personal for each user. You can't pair several users to the Planning Poker app with a single code.

The mobile app will provide you with means to select games and to play cards to estimate issues within your Jira. In short, the Planning Poker mobile app will provide you with all the user role features in a slightly condensed way.

It's super convenient as it makes Planning Poker games more accessible and will save your team plenty of space in busy meetings rooms, as each user will be able to play the game with a phone instead of sitting in front of a laptop.

No admin tools on mobile

As it clings to simplicity, Planning Poker app for mobile won't provide you with an interface to imply your administrative privileges.

Make sure that one of game admins participates in the game with a computer via the full Planning Poker  app for Jira to manage the game.